Natalie Norton

Ever since I was a little kid, I have always dreamed of having a beautiful deck behind my house. In my current home, there is a lot of empty space behind it so I thought that it was time to make my dreams come true. Porch & Deck Builders Chicago is the company that made …

Jessica B. Klatt

I really like houses with a classical look. They are a sign to me that their owners are sophisticated people. I was looking for ways to make my home look more stylish and I found it – a wraparound porch. When properly installed it will give your home a classy feeling. Porch & Deck Builders …

Savannah Leslie

After many years of enduring the elements, my three-storied porch needed renovation. Frankly, I was not sure where to look for a company that would take proper care of my porch. After a lengthy search on the Internet and after some research I decided that Porch & Deck Builders Chicago is the company for me. …

Julie Bailey

When I was looking for a company to build a deck at my house, my friend recommended to me the same company that built his porch. It turns out that they also install decks. Since I have heard so many good things about them from my friend, I decided to hire them. High quality service …

Anne Davis

I highly recommended their services to anyone looking for a quality porch or deck installation. Their contractors treat their clients with care and make sure that they have a positive customer experience when dealing with Porch & Deck Builders Chicago company.

Andrew Campbell

Their contractors have years of experience in the porch and deck installation business and it shows in their highly professional approach to each and every project. With Porch & Deck Builders Chicago you are certain that their employees will fully focus on making sure your needs are met.

Emily Allen

I love relaxing outside, but I hate dealing with the mosquitoes. I decided to have a screened porch installed to solve this problem. All I can say is that they did a great job and it did not even take that much time.

Ryan Anderson

I hired them to install an open porch at my house. Their friendly attitude and fair prices are some of the reasons why I recommend this company to anyone looking to have a porch installed.

Diane Wood

When looking for the company to install at my house a front porch, I was mainly looking for someone that would use the best possible materials to do the job. This company met this requirement.

Edith Floyd

They did an amazing job renovating my old deck. Now it looks much better – I can once again comfortably invite guests.